BBQ Thermometer

FJ2241 Buletooth Food Thermometer with APP

Item No.: FJ2241
Food Temperature丨Built-in Options丨Temperature Receiver丨Wireless Sensor
Basic Functions
  • 8 food built-in temperature options (BEEF, VEAL, LAMB, CHICKEN, TURKEY, PORK, FISH, HAMBRGER and 1 custom temperature setting (PGM)                                                          
  • 5 choices of rawness: WELL, MEDIUM WELL, MEDIUM, MEDIUM RARE, RARE
  • Cooking temperature alarm
  • Temperature display unit selection: °C & °F
  • Temperature detection : about 2 second
  • Temperature detection range: -50℃~+300℃ & -58℉~+572℉ 
  • LED Backlight function
  • Data transfer to mobile app with Bluetooth